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    At the restaurant, eat at all hours, for every taste, tipping.

    At the table
    In France, there are three meals a day.
    First, breakfast from around 7.00am to 9.00am, a meal composed of a hot drink (coffee, tea or chocolate), croissants and/or bread, butter and jam.

    Then lunch, between 12.00pm and 2.00pm: this is a real feast, usually consisting of a starter, main course and/or a dessert. It is usually finished off with an espresso coffee.

    Finally dinner, which starts around 8.00pm.
    A snack (around 4.00pm) is traditionally reserved for children, although some adults change it into tea and cakes.

    At the restaurant
    In France you will find all sorts of restaurants, from simple, small, cosy ones to famous, gourmet restaurants, along with brasseries, inns, tearooms.
    In restaurants, bread and carafes of water are included in the price shown, as well as all service charges, even if it is usual to leave a tip.

    Eat at any time
    The majority of restaurants serve food from 12.00pm to 3.00pm and from 7.00pm to 11.00pm. Some will welcome you even later - larger brasseries and those near to railway stations. In large towns, small grocery shops stay open until midnight. During the day, you can eat at any time in sandwich shops, fast-food restaurants, or again in some brasseries.

    For all tastes.
    Should you be an adventurer, you still want to keep your habits in terms of food!
    A huge breakfast and a simple sandwich at midday, or lunch as the only meal of the day. dinner at 6 o'clock or start the meal much later.
    Whatever is the usual, French professionals are trying hard to adapt to the different pace of their guests: more flexible mealtimes, menus adapted for everyone's requirements.
    So everyone can find a meal at their convenience!

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