France has the benefit of a temperate, rather agreeable climate. Continental France is divided into four climatic zones:

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French hotels are approved and checked by the authorities which classes them into six categories: no star, 1 star, 2*, 3*, 4* and 4*L (Luxury). All must display their rates (including tax) outside the hotel and in the rooms. In general rooms provide a double or twin beds. Supplements can be charged for an additional bed and for breakfast.

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At the restaurant, eat at all hours, for every taste, tipping.

At the table
In France, there are three meals a day.
First, breakfast from around 7.00am to 9.00am, a meal composed of a hot drink (coffee, tea or chocolate), croissants and/or bread, butter and jam.

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Canadians are entitled to a 12% reduction in duty on certain articles, provided that the amount of your purchases should be higher than or equal to €182,94 including tax, and that these purchases are made on the same day in the same shop.

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Useful address

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