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    by Chris Robertson

    Europe has always been a desirable vacation destination. No matter what your interests are, Europe has something to offer. If museums are your thing, France leads that pack, although the Guggenheim in Bilbao, Spain is a must-see for art aficionados. Italy offers the culinary delights of Tuscany and the unparalleled atmosphere of the Grand Canal in Venice. Switzerland, Italy, and France provide winter sports enthusiasts with the best in Alpine skiing. To travel Europe is to travel in time, from ancient Roman ruins to the hottest nightclubs in Paris.

    For many people, to travel Africa means exploring the great savannahs. Going on safari is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, filled with unimaginable beauty and the opportunity to see exotic animals in their natural habitats. Similarly, Westerners can travel Asia to immerse themselves in cultures vastly different from their own. The contrasts that Asian destinations provide - from the bustling metropolis that is Hong Kong and the high-tech Tokyo to the rural areas of Thailand and Vietnam - challenge and delight the senses.

    Even as recently as twenty years ago, if you wished to travel Europe, travel Asia, or travel Africa, it would have been a pipe dream or one that required you to spend a lifetime's worth of savings. Today's global economy, however, translates into multi-city cheap tickets that can turn virtually anyone into a continent-hopping frequent flyer.

    The Internet, of course, is the key to booking cheap tickets. Although individual airlines sometimes offer specials in international travel, third party companies are often the place to turn for cheap tickets. Their proprietary search technology allows them to link to dozens and dozens of airlines, and scour airfares at the lowest possible cost.

    Once you've made the decision to undertake the adventure of a multi-city trip and travel Europe, travel Asia, or travel Africa, it's time to book your airfare. The best approach to securing cheap tickets is flexibility. The more flexibility you have in your travel dates and in your destinations, the more likely you are to find the cheap tickets you desire.

    With enough flexibility, you can even take a trip around the world for the cost of a single round trip airfare with a traditional carrier. Why not start at a major airline hub close to home, and see where your adventure takes you? Instead of having your heart set on flying from New York City to Paris, why not go from New York to Zurich, and then book a short flight on a smaller airline from Zurich to Paris? Small airlines often offer cheap tickets without a penalty for a one-way ticket.

    If you want to see the world, you should make sure to pack a sense of adventure. That, combined with excellent Internet sleuthing skills, can make your travel dreams a reality.

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