Party All Night Long at Vilnius

The Lithuanian capital Vilnius has long considered as a hidden gem within Eastern Europe, with a blend of modern amenities amidst a historical setting. Perhaps another contributor to this reputation is the audacity of partying that takes place here. Since independence from Soviet rule, Lithuanians have transformed into hard party animals. Thus, stag nights in Vilnius are bound to be nothing short of extensive.Must-do Vilnius stag night activities include a visit to the best lap dancing clubs, a crawl from bar to bar for a liver whipping (like all Baltic cities, booze is incredibly cheap in Vilnius) and be an exclusive guest at the best VIP nightclub that Vilnius has to offer. Be sure though that you engage a fully-bonded tour operator to make the necessary arrangements for you.

These clubs are not exclusive for nothing!.For your pub crawl, complete 5 rounds of beer at different bars with the chaperone of a lady tour guide. The best bars are just within walking distance, which is why it's so easy to get around in the Old Town are of Vilnius. If you still are not too pissed by then, continue your stag night as a VIP in Vilnius hottest night club.

Unlike the rest of the party goers, your tour operator ensures that you'll waste no time on the long queues. You may want to check out the hot lasses on the dance floor or get a VIP room for greater privacy!.Your next Vilnius stag night should incorporate elements of sensuality with a limousine striptease all the way to the VIP lap dance club.

Travel all over town while you are entertained with a voluptuous stripper in the comfort of your limo leather seats. Finally, your stag night will not be complete with erotic lap dances by writhing beauties.

.Ready to party? Visit Chillisauce's website at

uk or contact Shane Williss for further details. Been there and done that, Shane will let you in on the juicy details you'll need for an unforgettable stag night in Vilnius.

By: Shane Williss

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