Nature Lovers Paradise

For the nature lover there is always something to see in the hustle and bustle of Amsterdam. The botanical garden in Amsterdam started in the 17th century. It is still a nice, green place to spend some time. The new-built greenhouse has a complex architecture.

The garden is situated in an area with small parks and 18th century houses.The new greenhouse (on the background) of the botanical garden in Amsterdam, built several years ago, after a heavy storm which destroyed the big old greenhouse. The construction of this modern greenhouse is fascinating ? with a hanging roof. A bridge has been constructed to walk high above the ground, in the roof of the new greenhouse in the botanical garden.

One can have a splendid view over the 'cold climate'-section. In the new greenhouse many little water streams give together a humid atmosphere, necessary for the plants. There is even a desert-section in the new greenhouse of the botanical garden. Behind the glass little plants are growing.

In the middle of these little greenhouses there are many butterflies flying around quite near one's face and head. The architecture of the roof of the old greenhouse is very light, so light can enter very easily. The atmosphere and the light in the old greenhouse are very special because of the leaves of the plants which are filtering the sea of light, falling through the long windows. In the old greenhouse the collected palm-trees of the botanical garden used to have their stay in cold.In the old greenhouse many fruits of the palm trees are exhibited; one can find in a red glass a fruit is conserved in alcohol. The botanical garden of Amsterdam is isolated partly by water.

Here a nice little bridge on the border of the garden, though it is not for use by the public. The Wertheimparc - a beautiful small park of Amsterdam, along the canal Nieuwe Herengracht; situated just opposite the entrance of the Hortus. The iron gate has a very mythical impression with the two stoned sculptures, mixtures of a woman and lion.

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By: Rahul Viz

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