Lake Tahoe Heaven On Earth

Lake Tahoe, NV. Now THAT'S a place if you're planning on a vacation to REALLY have fun, that you absolutely MUST go. Lake Tahoe has more to do day and night than Carter has liver pills. So without further ado, let's take a little tour and see what Lake Tahoe has to offer.Lake Tahoe, for starters, is 6225 feet above sea level, which makes it the highest Alpine Lake in the United States. People from all around the world come here to vacation.

Because the lake is actually located between Nevada and California it attracts different kind of visitors. The California side draws more family oriented crowds while the Nevada side attracts those who are looking for big time casino action and lots of entertainment.So just what is there to do in Lake Tahoe?.According to the top tourism sites reviewing Lake Tahoe there are actually 29 highly recommended things to see and do there. We won't cover all of them but will touch on the main ones.

For starters, there is the Tahoe Rim Trail. This is a 152 mile path which circles around Lake Tahoe. Talk about a hike. There are trails for hiking, mountain biking and horseback riding.

It is said that the views from this trail are simply breathtaking.Another trail is Horsetail Falls which is a very difficult hiking trail. This one is not for beginners.

It does provide a magnificent view of the nearby waterfalls.For those of you who are looking for a little education there's the Gatekeepers Cabin Museum. Its history? Between 1910 and 1968 the gatekeeper who lived on this site was responsible for monitoring the level of the lake, using a hand-turned winch system to keep the water at the correct level. That winch system is still used today. Who says we need progress?.If you're looking for a little fun and excitement without breaking your neck on the trails there's Caesar's Casino Tahoe, located on the main highway.

It's open day and night 7 days a week. Here you can gamble to your heart's content or until you're out of money.In the mood for some horseback riding? No problem.

There's the Camp Richardson Resort and Marina. This resort has a real authentic old west feel to it and has a very long history. The first record of ownership of the land around the present Camp Richardson Resort and Marina are from 1875 when M.C. Gardner acquired a timber holding of several thousand acres from the U.

S. Government and built a sawmill and railroad line. He paid 25 cents an acre for the land, plus $1 per acre payable over 20 years. Boy, if only we could get land that cheap today.No trip to Lake Tahoe would be complete without going on the Dixie Queen, a Paddlewheel boat that offers daytime and dinner cruises. The food and entertainment are said to be the best you can possibly hope to find anywhere.

The Dixie Queen is one of the most famous cruise ships in the United States.The above only scratches the surface. Lake Tahoe is the perfect combination of all types of attractions for everyone; those looking for physical activities, those looking for night life and those looking for a little culture and history. If there is a heaven on Earth it must be in Lake Tahoe.

Michael Russell
Your Independent guide to Lake Tahoe

By: Michael Russell

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