Heaven on Earth China

China is not merely a haven but a heaven for tourists. It abounds in beauty and beauties, both natural and artificial. When God was creating the earth, he seemed to be in his best and most giving mood as his hands moulded China. He poured his love into the land, filling it with natural beauty - breathtakingly eye-catching mountains in Guangxi Zhuang, the gentle Yangtze that meanders across large parts of the country, bestowing its benevolence on the land; the vast deserts in Xinjiang and wild steppes in the north. Across the country beauty imbues the land with ethereal charm.What God did well, man tried to better.

The beautiful landscape was peppered with even more beautiful buildings and architectural splendour. Smaller rivers and rivulets were linked by ornate arched stone masonry bridges. Mountains and hills were studded with pavilions and other stylistic monuments. And across the vast plains man built a giant wall like a huge necklace.God paid attention not only to the land but also the people he intended to house there. He gave the women beautiful features and men strong bodies.

Chinese women, with their gentle eyes, petite nostrils, slender necks, slim figures and creamy skin look like angels about to pirouette. Chinese men, with their strong shoulders and backs and stout muscular legs look like they can lift the burden of both home and the earth.The beautiful women became more beautiful as they adorned themselves in the striking Qi Pao's (for more on Qi Pao's read 'Fashion In China - Of Qi Pao's and Cow's Breasts') and the men grew stronger as they worked hard on their fields and enterprises.Tourists to China can only wonder in amazement at the unique beauty that is China and its people, a beauty made more beautiful by the people's gentleness, diligence and hard work. And, while they revel in China's natural and artificial splendours, they can travel cheap by rail, road or air and stay in well-equipped hotels for as little as a hundred to two hundred kuai a night (twelve to twenty-five US dollars). Of course, there are more expensive places to stay as well and travellers with moolah in their pockets can enjoy a more luxurious time there (for more tips on budget hotels etc look out for my future articles).

I have heard many Chinese say, 'if there is a heaven on earth it is in Hangzhou and Suzhou,' (two cities in the eastern province of Zhejiang) but if one were to ask me where on earth is there a heaven, I would say, 'if there is heaven on earth, it is China'.

.Rajesh Kanoi (Jack) is a published writer, now living and working in China. Many of his short-stories, poems and articles have been published, including a book of short-stories, 'From China With Love' (Lipstick Publishing). http://www.writingup.


By: Rajesh Kanoi

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