Five New Rome Guided Tours that Bring this Amazing City to Life

Maybe until now you wouldn't know that I make part of my living by writing about the city of Rome, its people, passions, food, sport, history and culture. In fact, I own a web site called, which kinda happened by happy accident after I visited this great city with my Wife - one anniversary, some time ago.This is a city where some of the best times can be found by just getting out there, and exploring for yourself.

It can be great fun to just wander the streets of the Eternal City, but I also recommend that visitors try some Rome guided tours to add something special and memorable to any visit.For starters, now it's possible to take in the Art, History and Religion of Rome in one day! A trip to Rome is incomplete without visiting the Vatican Museum and learning about Christian Rome. Marvel at the magnificent beauty of the Sistine Chapel before venturing out to explore the ancient catacombs. You have the option to end your tour with a step back in time to become a part of Roman history in the amazing Time Line Tour.Can you imagine a beautiful evening tour that takes you from the floodlit ruins of ancient and imperial Rome (The Pantheon and the Colosseum) to the magnificent piazzas and fountains designed by the artists Bernini and Michelangelo, to the home of the Catholic Church, St Peters.

At the Trevi Fountain, throw your coin into the water to ensure your return.Or how about this. Experience the wonder of the Vatican on this fascinating walking tour and explore its history and beauty. Your native English-speaking guide will share with you the best of the Vatican, including the lesser known spots and you will gain a broad understanding of this unique place.If you want something more contemporary, ride the time machine and discover the amazing 2750 year history of Rome.

Take a trip back in time into ancient Roman history up to present day. This tour includes a one hour show with high-tech virtual projections of the most famous Roman monuments. Rome will never look the same !.Maybe you would prefer to discover Rome and its famous landmarks aboard a deluxe two hour dinner cruise, which includes outstanding Italian cuisine.

Witness the breathtaking Eternal City by sailing down the River Tiber? a spectacular way to see Rome or celebrate a special occasion. The romantic strains of music begin the moment the boats casts off.Or how about meeting a local dignitary during your Rome guided tour. During one unusual visit you can be in the presence of Beatrice Cenci, Donna Olimpia, Count Cagliostro's wife and the beautiful Costanza De Cupis.

A fascinating walk in Ponte quarter where it is possible to learn strange and mysterious histories of ancient Rome with an evocative atmosphere. This walking tour will take you through Navona Square, Via del Governo Vecchio, Ponte Sant' Angelo and Piazza Farnese.Why book ahead for our Rome guided tours?. Well, here are my thoughts:.* These popular tours sell out well in advance! Don't be disappointed!.* Reduce stress! Don't waste time haggling with the hotel concierge.

* Lock in your price! Currency dips & price hikes won't effect you.* Save vacation time! Plan & book now, not when you're there.* Balance your vacation budget! Charge tours on this month's credit card bill.You can even save time and money and book your airport transfer services before you go! You can use a shuttle service that will take you from Rome's Leonardo Da Vinci International Airport to your Rome Hotel, without the hassle of picking up a rental car, negotiating unfamiliar traffic and maps.

Take the easy way - and book this efficient service online now and save time at your destination. And while you're there, check out the other Rome guided tours mentioned above.I hope you'll agree that these special Rome guided tours offer real value, and I know that you'll return home with some special memories of your stay in the Eternal City.As an extra resource for readers, I have posted this article onto my website, and provided quick links to these, and many other, great tours. Lets-Travel-Rome.

com/GuidedCityTours .Best wishes for a great trip,.Les Sheppard.

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By: Les Sheppard

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